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1) What is SWiJ SideWinder ?

SWiJ SideWinder is an innovative and powerful quick launch bar which is capable of unleashing the full potential of your Windows operating system and speed up your day to day activities by bringing everything at your fingertips.

2) What Operating Systems does SideWinder support ?

The SideWinder supports all Windows Operating Systems including Windows 7 64-bit, and will work on all Desktop PCs, Laptops and even NetBooks.

3) Will SideWinder speed up my Computer ?

Yes, not only the SideWinder will boost your computer speed by eliminating the necessity to have large number of Icons on your Desktop and Quick Launch Bar, but also it speeds up the launching of Applications and Websites by providing a single click, light weight Interface which consumes very low memory and processing power of your PC.

4) I am a Hardcore Windows user who deals with lot of Applications and Websites simultaneously. How will I benefit from SideWinder ?

The SideWinder is specially designed for such people like you, who need a single tool to open their frequently used Applications and Websites where ever they are and whenever they want. No such innovative and sophisticated tool like the SWiJ SideWinder has been created before.

5) Will the SideWinder capture or fill my Screen Space ?

No. The SideWinder only shows a small Nip at the bottom left corner of your Screen, just over the TaskBar and only expands to its full bar when you bring the Mouse over the Nip. It then shrinks again to the small Nip when you move the Mouse away from its Interface for few milliseconds. Also the SideWinder's Nip will not bother you by showing up, when you're playing Games or watching Movies. Isn't that cool or what ?

6) How rapidly can I launch my Applications and Websites using SideWinder ?

Instantly of course. All the Applications, Games and Websites are opened instantly after clicking their launch Buttons in SideWinder. It only takes a few milliseconds to access any Files or Folders. We have used many quick launch applications and toolbars ourselves, but SideWinder is the best and the fastest of them all.

7) How soon can I start using the SideWinder ?

You can start using the SideWinder immediately after you install it on your Desktop or Laptop PC successfully. Quickly drag & drop all the Items you want on any of the pre-loaded Category Slots and they will be available as launch Buttons to serve you immediately. To learn more on how to begin using the SideWinder please click here to view the online Quick Start Guide.

8) I want to buy the SideWinder for my Children / Mother / Father who are not Professional Windows Users. What benefits they'll get ?

They will not only benefit using the SideWinder but they'll love using it more and more. They can keep all their Programs and Internet locations they access regularly inside SideWinder and access them instantly without searching through Windows Explorer or typing Internet addresses again and again. This will not only save them lot of time but also helps them to concentrate more on their works.

9) Will I get free Updates for the SideWinder ?

Yes, you will get full FREE updates throughout the Lifetime of the SideWinder. All you have to do is to download the latest SideWinder Setup program from our website and install it over your current version. No need to enter the Activation Code again and again.

10) Where should I copy the Extra Themes received with the Full Version ?

When you have purchased a License for the Full Version you will be getting an Extra Pack of Themes for the SideWinder. You can use them in your software by copying the Theme files with the extension “.swt” to the Themes folder where you have installed the SWiJ SideWinder. Usually the location of the Themes folder would be at “C:\Program Files\SWiJ SideWinder\Themes\”.

11) Can I install the SideWinder on a Computer where I don't have the Administrative Rights ?

Yes you can. The only thing you have to do is to select a target Installation Folder which you have Read/Write privileges granted to you by the Administrator. Usually the “My Documents” folder has the required Read/Write privileges for any User Account in Windows.

12) What if I have lost the Activation Code or the Activation Privileges for the SideWinder ?

Please contact us using the online contact form on our website with your Name and Email Address which you have used to purchase the Full Version. We can help you to regain the privileges or re-issue the same Activation Code after we examine the validity of your request with our online activation system.
  • Launch Applications and Shortcuts.

  • Launch Websites and URLs.

  • Open Documents and Preview Pictures, Music and Videos.

  • Open Folders and Drives.

  • Paste Text Snippets While Typing and Fill Forms.

  • Launch Windows Tools such as Notepad, Calculator, etc.

  • Perform Windows Functions like Shutdown, Hibernate, etc.

  • Instantly Search Websites such as Google, YouTube, etc.

  • Instantly Refer Dictionary and Translate Words & Phrases.

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