Quick Start Guide
Run the Program

After you have installed the SWiJ SideWinder successfully on your computer you can run it by double clicking the SWiJ SideWinder Icon on your Desktop. If you don't see the Icon shown in the picture on your Desktop, then you can goto your Start Menu and click  'All Programs' and then click the folder 'SWiJ SideWinder' and finally click the 'SWiJ SideWinder' Icon to launch the program.

The Nip

Find the Nip of the SideWinder at the bottom left corner of your screen, just above the Windows Task Bar.
Mouse over the Nip

Bring the Mouse over the Nip and the SideWinder will expand immediately into a horizontal bar of 10 Category Slots and a vertical Side Bar will appear over the enlarged Nip. If you move the Mouse over a Category then it will popup a sub page of quick launch Buttons over it. You may click any of the Buttons to launch the relevant Application or Website immediately.

Navigating to Other Pages

Changing the Sub Page: Hover over a specific Category (ex: Control Panel) and Left Click on the Category Slot. The sub page of that Category will change one by one, until the end is reached. After that it will come to the first sub page again. (The Demo Version only can have 1 sub page while the Full Version can have upto 10 sub pages per each Category.) You can also use the Mouse Wheel or the 'Up' and 'Down' keys on the Keyboard to quickly and silently change the Sub Page while over the Category Slot.
Drag & Drop

You can drag & drop Icons on your Desktop to the SideWinder as you would do with any other Windows Applications. Drag few Icons as shown below and bring them over the Nip. The SideWinder will immediately expand and you can drop the Icons over a suitable Category, in this case over the "Applications" slot and the Icons will be automatically added as launch Buttons in that Category. To understand different types of drag & drop operations which could be performed in SideWinder, please refer to the "Drag & Drop" section inside the built-in Help.

Edit a Category

Right Click on a Category Slot to open the editor for that Category. Here you can change the display name of the Slot by editing the Name section, select a different Category file name by clicking the Select button besides the File Name text box or enter a different file name at the text box, change the Icon for that Category by clicking the Icon button and enter or change the Description of the Category Slot. You can also add a new launch Button to the Category by clicking the "Add New Button" button at the bottom right corner. To learn more about the available functions in the Category Editor please refer to the "Categories" section inside the built-in Help.

Edit a Button

To edit the properties of a launch Button, Right Click on it and the Button Properties Editor will appear. In this window you can change the Button Name, select the Type of function the Button should perform, enter a Reference to the Button, enter a Description and select or change an Icon for the Button, etc. To learn more about the Button Properties Editor please refer to the "Buttons"  section inside the built-in Help.

Swap & Pluck

Swap Buttons: To Swap a particular Button with another one you can press the Left Mouse button down on the source Button for a short time and then drag it over the target Button and release the Mouse button there. This will interchange the Button properties. In order to learn more about the Swap operation on buttons please refer to the "Swap Buttons" section inside the built-in Help.
Pluck Buttons: In order to Pluck a Button from one Category and to place it on another you can drag the source Button using the Left Mouse button and release it over the target Category Slot. This will remove the source Button from its original Category and place it on the target Category as its last Button. To learn more on additional Plucking operations please refer to the "Pluck Buttons" section inside the built-in Help.


Click the Settings Button on the Side bar to open the SideWinder - Settings window as shown below. Here you can enable / disable; Sounds, Transparency, Button Shades, Button Effects, Automatic Update, Startup Launch etc. Also you can change the SideWinder Theme from the drop down combo box. Click Apply button to apply the selected Theme immediately. To know more on the Settings window please refer to the "Settings" section inside the built-in Help.


Click the About Button on the Side Bar to open the SideWinder - About windows. Here you can enter your Activation Code at the text box and click the Activate button to activate the SideWinder to Full Version online. Also you can get the latest version of the SWiJ SideWinder by clicking the Update button. To learn more about the Activation process please refer to the "Activation" section inside the built-in Help.

Get Help

You can always get help from the built-in Help Manual by either clicking the Help button on the Side Bar or clicking the Help - Question Mark on any of the windows in SideWinder. If you want to contact us you can use the online contact Form from our website at https://www.swij.com/sidewinder/contact.html or click the Feedback button in the About window to open the feedback form. Also Right Click on the "Help" Side Bar button to open the Tip of the Day window.

Changing the Main Page: You can change the Main Page by clicking the Mouse on the Nip. Do a Right Click to go forward and Left Click to go backward in Page numbers. After reaching the maximum number of pages (The Demo Version only has 2 pages, but the full version has 10 pages) the numbers will cycle again. You can either use the Left or Right click to loop through all the main pages rapidly. You can also use the Mouse Wheel or Keyboard to change the Pages rapidly.

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